Honouring the legacy of Pierre Jeanneret.


Paying tribute to the original designs

Welcome to our store, a unique destination where we celebrate the enduring legacy of the late Pierre Jeanneret by offering meticulously crafted furniture re-editions made in India that faithfully honor his original designs. We are passionate about paying tribute to Jeanneret's remarkable contributions to the world of design, while showcasing the rich craftsmanship and artistic heritage of India.

Pierre Jeanneret, a visionary architect and designer, left an indelible mark on the field of furniture design. Collaborating closely with his cousin, Le Corbusier, he played a pivotal role in shaping the modernist movement. Jeanneret's creations seamlessly blended form and function, embodying his belief in the transformative power of design to enhance our living spaces.

At our store, we are proud to present re-editions of Jeanneret's iconic furniture, handcrafted in India with utmost attention to detail and quality. By adhering faithfully to the original designs, we strive to honor Jeanneret's unparalleled legacy and bring his timeless pieces to a wider audience.

India has a rich tradition of master artisans and craftsmen who possess incredible skill and expertise. Our Indian artisans meticulously recreate each Jeanneret design, utilizing traditional techniques and incorporating locally sourced materials, while adhering to the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Through our furniture re-editions, we aim to showcase the talent and craftsmanship that India is renowned for, while honoring the genius of Pierre Jeanneret.

Showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of India

By offering these faithful re-editions, we hope to inspire a new generation of design enthusiasts and collectors. Our collection features an exquisite range of chairs, tables, storage units, and more, all meticulously crafted to emulate the elegance and functionality of Jeanneret's original designs. Whether you are an avid collector, an interior designer, or an individual seeking to enhance your living or workspace, our store provides an opportunity to experience the beauty and heritage of Jeanneret's work, infused with the craftsmanship of India.

We understand that acquiring a piece of furniture is a personal and meaningful decision. That is why our dedicated team is committed to providing a personalized shopping experience, assisting you in finding the perfect piece that not only reflects Jeanneret's legacy but also complements your unique style and requirements.

Step into our store and immerse yourself in the world of Pierre Jeanneret. Discover the timeless allure of his designs, beautifully reinterpreted by skilled Indian artisans. Experience firsthand the craftsmanship and heritage of India, blended seamlessly with the genius of Jeanneret. Join us in honoring the legacy of this visionary designer as we strive to preserve and celebrate his remarkable contributions, while showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of India.


Our quality promise

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. We spend most of our time and energy for good design and to achieve high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention. If our product doesn't satisfy you, we'll take it back.